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I like the last photo! Can actually see the details of her carving the carrots.



poor frogs. pero ang laman mukhang chicken! :)


I'm not a frog- eater but those culinaries look delectable!

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my mother makes the best stuffed frog, boy do I miss it. she has never made that in a very long time. i am salivating here sidney.


Do the frogs taste as good as they look? I like the clarity of your recent shots.


And to think the English always thought that consuming frogs was a typical french habbit.

haggis basher

Frog carrots!!

The frogs still don't look so appetizing!! I think I'll stick with frogs legs!


humm, les bonnes odeurs!!Very appetizing!


Des grenouilles à toutes les sauces joliment préparées. Gare aux foudres des végétariens, Sydney ! ;-)))

Fénix (Bostonscapes)

Stuffed frogs! That looks VERY interesting. I'd like to try that. Funny how I find live frogs repulsive and yet find them very appealing once cooked! Weird, eh? ;)


Just got back from Safeway(a chain supermarket here in the states), and was stunned to see packed frogs sold in the meat department. Imported from China! I never would've thought in a million year that they'd sell frog meat in any of the traditional chain stores here.


Wow, that first one really got me. It's almost grizzly. I wish I could do it in multi-toned black and white.

And the next one with all those guys lying on their backs. It's like the final barbque they were ever invited to.

The first two are striking really.



Sans conteste, cela doit sentir bon et, d'expérience, je connais le talent des cuisinier(e)s filipin(e)s...mais non, je ne veux pas en manger !
Gros bisous, Sidney :0010:


ça sent bon même de si loin.
Bon appétit Sidney.

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